Over the past two decades, Kevric has earned a solid reputation for its outstanding ability to create value in the Canadian real estate industry. Kevric stands out through its proactive management style and innovative and meticulous approach, whether it’s developing large-scale construction projects or optimizing existing properties.

Kevric manages a portfolio of more than 3 million square feet throughout its buildings located in Montreal and Toronto. Indeed, Kevric has leveraged its expertise to reposition many buildings in strategic urban locations in the heart of Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa/Gatineau. These projects include prestigious addresses such as 150 Bloor Street West and the Consilium Place Complex in Toronto as well as Place Bonaventure and 7250-7450 Mile End in Montreal. Kevric is also the creative and managing force behind the mixed-use Viger/Altoria tower adjacent to Montreal’s Victoria Square and the 99 Atlantic Complex in Liberty Village, Toronto.

Kevric’s latest redevelopment will see the complete modernization of the 600 De La Gauchetière tower, transforming its curtain wall as well as its office spaces and common areas, also creating a brand new multi-storey atrium and main entrance.

Collaborating with Kevric means being open to new opportunities.